11/23/18 12:16 PM

We have won the title of "Intelligent (small) company of Hungary" from Mensa this year for the third time in a row. The competition is between companies who send their workers to complete IQ tests overseen by Mensa.


3 awards

A few numbers to put this into perspective:

In 2016 we had 7 employees and 5 were nominated in the competition - they won the first prize for the company.

In 2017 during nomination our headcount was still 7 but by the time we had to decide whom to send, we sent 7 out of 9 active employees. There is a specific rule that we can send only 50% of the employees who participated in the previous year, so only 3 out of the first 5 were nominated.

This year we had a headcount of 13 and decided to nominate 8 colleagues - 4 out of them were participators in the previous year. All 4 "new" colleagues have passed the test with full success. 

At this point we'll follow the lead of Nokia Hungary who won the category for large companies three times in a row and instead of competing again created a new award that was handed out to this year's winner in the large company category: Morgan Stanley's Hungarian operation.