Farmicum is a startup we are currently working with that aims to develop smart farming techniques and farmland management software
This is our own project - a C2C marketplace where sellers can specify what percentage of the price people pay for their listings goes to charity.
Website for the city of Dorog.
Public works company homepage
We've been working with Sonrisa since 2010 on various Hungarian and US, West Coast based IT projects.
Brilig was our first outsourced development partner - a NYC based company who recruited our services to develop the pre-1.0 version of their DMP software in 2009. We continued to work with them after their acquisition by Merkle up until 2015.
We had a project with Medialets, connecting the Servo mobile ad platform to Mediaocean's campaign management system (Prisma), making sure campaign data flowed from Prisma to Servo. We've also provided Scala engineers to the Servo product team until Medialets's acquisition by Group M.